1995 from left: Ellie Frazetta, Angelo Torres, Nick Meglin, Frank Frazetta, George Evans, Nadia Mannarino, Ann Marie Mannarino, Peter Mannarino

May 10, 2010 4:32 PM
"All Star Auctions has lost a great friend, and we can not express the sorrow we feel at this moment, it is as if we have lost a member of our own family.
We are blessed to have known a side of Frank Frazetta which few people ever knew existed. His talent was only surpassed by the kindness, affection and gentleness towards us and our family.
Our professional relationship with Frank and Ellie began over 20 years ago  and was much more than friendship, It sadly ended with their passing.
We have lost a legend but most importantly, a loving person.
Frank, you will be missed".
Joe and Nadia Mannarino
All Star Auctions LLC


July 17th 2009

Today we lost a dear friend, Ellie Frazetta.  After a courageous battle she succumbed earlier today to cancer. Ellie leaves behind a rich legacy of devotion to family, friends and above all to the man she adored, Frank Frazetta. Ellie was a tireless champion of the art and legacy of Frank Frazetta and always sought to impart a touch of dignity and faith to all her endeavors.

We are grateful for all her support, encouragement and friendship. She will be missed.

Joe and Nadia Mannarino
All Star Auctions LLC

Ellie outside her pride and joy, The Frank Frazetta Museum