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Carmine Infantino award winning artist, editor and publisher is considered one of the premier professionals to have ever worked in the field.  Infantino's career began in the golden age of comics with Green Lantern, The Flash and The Black Canary. DC's greatest silver age artist, Infantino ushered in the silver age of comics with the Flash in Showcase #4, 1956. While working on science fiction and fantasy, his incredible layouts and ability to express a story, quickly elevated him into the forefront of the medium. Infantino's work on Adam Strange in Mystery In Space is considered the pinnacle of that period in Comic history. The cover of Mystery In Space #90 is universally acclaimed by fans and professionals alike. In 1964, Infantino was assigned the daunting task of rekindling the pop culture icon, Batman. He responded with the "new look" in Detective #327. The rest as they say is history. His covers resulted in higher sales, his work emulated, Infantino went on to teach art, edit and write. Upon joining Marvel, Infantino was assigned their key new property, Star Wars and worked on many of their key characters and features.  Revamping MLJ's golden age superheroes, newspaper features, animation, licensed products and special projects were all brought to Infantino and executed with the utmost in style and professionalism.

All Star Auctions is proud to represent Mr. Infantino. Offered here is original comic art that has never changed hands including a few historic items such as: the silver age re-introduction and origin of the Comet from issue #1.

The following art is being offered on behalf of the artist.
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For an in-depth view at the career of Carmine Infantino we strongly recommend J. David  Spurlock's new book:
The Amazing World Of Carmine Infantino

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