Joe and Nadia Mannarino - and their All Star Auctions - have been helping collectors for years. That's true, whether those collectors are hunting for precious items to add to what they are accumulating - or hunting for a market via which to dispose of items they're willing to part with. I'm telling you, folks, Joe and Nadia will hold your hand and help in a variety of ways. They know the field. What's better for the rest of us is that they share their knowledge and assistance with the rest of us. Do you have art to sell? Check with them. Are you looking for art to buy? Check with them. Need an appraisal? Check with them. Hey, they have even more collecting knowledge than that! Check their website. You'll be glad you did.

-Comics Buyer's Guide Senior Editor Maggie Thompson

I have been collecting original comic art for almost 15 years. All Star Auctions is not only an amazing source for high-end/ key historical pieces but also through the years, Joe and Nadia have provided priceless counsel and collecting perspective. I trust them to buy from them. I trust them to sell my original art as well.

-David Mandel, Executive Producer Curb Your Enthusiasm

Joe and Nadia Mannarino, proprietors of All Star Auctions, have helped me shape and improve my personal collection of original comic art and other comic character collectibles. Often guided by their integrity, knowledge and experience, I've made better decisions and better deals!

-Harry Matetsky

It's always a pleasure working with Nadia and Joe. They're the Tops in Pop (culture)!

- Randy Bowen

Having interfaced with all of the major dealers and auction houses for over three decades as both a buyer and seller of both comics and comic art, Joe and Nadia at All Star Auctions are the best. They bring a great deal of experience and integrity to every transaction, will work with you and provide a personal touch that I have always appreciated.

-Patrick M. Kochanek, MD

Without All Star Auctions my collection would never have been what it is today. They have been a tremendous help to me over the years. Nadia & Joe are true professionals who know what they're talking about, they offer advice when asked for and they are always there for their clients. They have been in the business for decades and it shows - you don't get to be such a reference overnight. Finally, although All Star Auctions is a business, it's clear that it's run by a family that is very passionate about this stuff.

-Guy Van Gompel

I have known Joe and Nadia Mannarino for a couple of decades now, and they are a triple threat: personable, knowledgeable, and effective. You can't ask for more than that!

--Grant Geissman, author, FOUL PLAY! and TALES OF TERROR! THE EC COMPANION

I have known Joe and Nadia Mannarino for most of my Comic Art collecting life. Whether I'm buying from them, consigning to them, or having my collection appraised, I've found them to be honest, fair, and above all expansively knowledgeable in their field. They also happen to be two of the nicest people operating in this hobby: dealing with them is always effortless, and always a pleasure.

-Duane Capizzi, Writer/Producer/Avid OA Collector

It never ceases to amaze me the results I get from consigning with All-Star Auctions year in and year out. They consistently exceed my expectations and get top dollar for my artwork.

-Chris Wrenn

I have dealt with Joe and Nadia for over twenty years. I found them friendly and fonts of knowledge. They have taught me much. I have not only found them helpful for transactions I did with them, but for those I did with others. The are the best of the best. "My only beef" with them is converting me from collection of comicbooks to the wonderful world of comic art.

-Jon Berk

Joe & Nadia Mannarino are true collectors who also happen to deal in original comic book art and vintage comic books. They are wonderful people who are industry professionals that have been involved in every aspect of the hobby for decades. I have done business with them on several occasions and even had the distinct pleasure of being invited to view their incredible private collection. They have always been fair and reasonable in all of our transactions and I look forward to the opportunity to do business with them again. Their experience is unmatched and their passion for the hobby is beyond measure.

-David E. Miller